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Spencer Stone Co.

I designed and developed this website from the ground up, making good use of the new (at the time) Bootstrap 3 "mobile first" approach.

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photoshop mockup to html and css working prototype

Stick It In Stones

This website is a group project. A fellow student designed the look and feel, I took the project from Photoshop mock-up to functioning prototype before handing it off to the back-end developer.

My Work

Demo Reel

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Coffee  After Effects  Me

This is a compilation of commercials I've made while working at a local TV station in Oklahoma City.

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My style is simple and clean, but I'm hoping to try something a little more adventurous soon.

I've been making TV commercials for a few years, but I love designing and coding and want to work in the field of UI/UX and Front-End Development. I'm in love with Bootstrap and hope to learn more about CSS preprocessors and JavaScript in the coming months.

If you're interested in my work, please send an email to keiana at crossdesignhouse dot com.

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